A Portable Mentor for Organizational Leaders

A Portable Mentor for Organizational Leaders provides lessons for potential leaders through succinct management advice addressing a wide range of organizational behavior topics. Through leadership advice and management tips, psychiatrist Kendall L. Stewart, MD, and a dozen directors and leaders from Southern Ohio Medical Center (SOMC) describe in easily readable points how leadership behavior drives teamwork, credibility in management, leadership consistency and management techniques.

Dr. Stewart and the SOMC writing teams present work from frontline management on a wide range of leadership challenges including teamwork and conflict, communication in relationships, setting leadership tone and team relationships, among others. The book is presented in sections on personal development, dealing with others and barriers to excellence. Within each section are straightforward perspectives on successful management, dealing with confrontation, preparing for criticism, accepting feedback, avoiding distractions, communicating goals and the importance of listening, among many other issues within the corporate culture.


The Portable Mentor for
Organizational Leaders:

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SOMC underwent a distinctive change in its focus and culture in the mid-1990s, moving from patient satisfaction scores in single digits to some of the best in the nation and earning the highest level of the Ohio Partnership For Excellence. A consensus review finalist for the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award, SOMC has drawn national attention for its approach to fostering an environment of world class service in health care and organizational excellence. SOMC leaders are often sought by professional groups to share their experience, and the Portable Mentor for Organizational Leaders helps provide some of their most important lessons for the manager on-the-go.

Today’s corporate challenges and increasing demands for performance improvement require effective coping strategies for leadership stress, and management style effectively setting the tone in work environments for successful organizational leadership. SOMC leaders have proven successful management can lead to customer satisfaction, not only in rural health care but in any environment of corporate change.


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