Heart & Vascular

Heart & Vascular

Minimally Invasive Lung Cancer Surgery

At SOMC, it’s possible.

Now at SOMC, our surgeons are using Video Assisted Thoracic Surgery (VATS) technology to perform lung cancer surgeries. The result? Less pain, shorter hospital stays, quicker recoveries and better outcomes for our patients.
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See the difference: VATS vs. traditional open surgery

VATS Lung Cancer Surgery

  • 2-3 days in hospital
  • 2-4 weeks to significant/complete recovery
  • Much less pain

Traditional Open Surgery

  • 5-7 days in hospital
  • 8-12 weeks to significant/complete recovery
  • Significantly more pain

Facility & Directions

The answer to your heart and vascular needs is conveniently located on SOMC’s Main Campus.

Cardiac Rehabilitation

At Southern Ohio Medical Center, we believe there is life after coronary heart disease, and we have hundreds of “graduates” of our program to prove it.


SOMC Cardiovascular Testing center is a non-invasive cardiac and vascular diagnostic laboratory.

Heart Care Unit

The SOMC Heart Care Unit is a 12-bed unit responsible for the care of adult cardiac patients and patients recovering from open heart surgery.

Pulmonary Rehabilitation

The Pulmonary Rehab Program at Southern Ohio Medical Center is designed to help people who have chronic lung problems such as COPD, emphysema, chronic bronchitis, asthma, bronchiectasis and pulmonary fibrosis. The program may also be helpful for people who have had thoracic (chest) surgery.

Patient Education

Want to learn more about heart and vascular health or procedures?


When SOMC designed its new Heart & Vascular Center, it planned for the future.

Success Stories

“The professional team at SOMC saved my life.”

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