Cognitive Behavioral Leadership (CBL): Teach Fellow Leaders How to Use the SOMC CBL ModelPosted on November 24, 2019

Kendall L. Stewart, MD, MBA, DLFAPA

Why are leaders hesitant to do this?

People can’t teach lessons they have not learned themselves. Since leaders who are genuinely engaged in their lifelong struggle to improve realize how much more they still must learn, they often don’t view themselves as expert enough to teach others.

What is the case for doing it anyway?

But fellow strugglers are the best teachers. Their lessons are not academic speculations; their stories are based in real life. People relate to them more easily. With their slips and falls, they inspire others that they can survive their journey, too.

How can you do it?

  1. Present leadership case studies. You may think that your challenge and your ways of dealing with it don’t offer much insight for others; you would be wrong. Even the simplest leadership challenges contain rich opportunities for learning.
  2. Invite your colleagues to phone a friend. You will be surprised to see how much valuable insight you can offer a colleague who is temporarily blinded by emotional arousal.
  3. Ask clarifying questions. This wonderful learning technique can be helpfully applied to any leadership challenge. And you will probably think of important questions your troubled colleague has not thought to ask.

How have you used your own experiences to inspire other leadership learners?

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