Marketing Leadership: Word of Mouth Marketing & Managing Social MediaPosted on January 19, 2014

Kara Redoutey, MBA What are the barriers to doing this? Many organizations lack the resources needed to give social media the time and planning that it needs.  It is difficult to manage the many available platforms and to give each ample focus and attention.  Sometimes, although we have good intentions, our posts on social media backfire and have to be managed even further.  What is the case for doing it anyway? Social media can take time and energy, but the impact and return on investment can be huge.  For the most part, social media is free.  You have a dedicated platform to share your organization’s brand, culture, information, personality and so much more.  You have a unique opportunity to learn from your customers and the ability to obtain valuable feedback and input.  Once you establish a base of fans, you can regularly share information and many will begin sharing it with their friends on your behalf.  The organization’s reach into the market grows expeditiously using social media as a word of mouth marketing tool.  How can you do it?
  1. Choose the right platform.  Just like individuals need to choose the best social media channel for them, organizations need to choose the right platform on which to focus.  It can be one platform or a mix of several, but there should be a social media plan that outlines the organization’s strategy.
  2. Engage your followers. If you have fans and followers on social media, those individuals are already favorable toward your organization.  Engage them by having a two way conversation.  Invite feedback and input and launch contests and polls.
  3. Answer questions and address concerns.  Many individuals will ask questions and some may share concerns.  It is okay if concerns are shared publicly.  Just make sure these individuals know their concern is heard and will be addressed if possible.  Everyone else will see your response to your customers’ questions and concerns too.
What are your ideas for using social media as a word of mouth marketing tool?
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