Organizational Results: Giving Time to InnovationPosted on February 16, 2014

Kara Redoutey, MBA

What are the barriers to doing this?

Many of us have lengthy task lists and reprioritize daily.  We check one thing off of our list and start on the next, while our list is constantly growing.  Setting aside time for one more thing isn’t appealing, especially when there isn’t a guarantee of success or complete evidentiary support to give you confidence in giving your time to this activity.   

What is the case for doing it anyway?

If we all devote a little time to innovation, simple ideas can pay off big.  While many ideas will not be as fruitful as we would like, the only way to find the big ideas that are is to set time aside and focus on identifying novel solutions to problems that plague your organization.  When you do give yourself time to really think critically and brainstorm innovation solutions to problems, your confidence and organizational results will both improve. Innovative ideas, big and small, can make a positive difference in your bottom line.

How can you do it?

  1. Make a list of key opportunities for improvement at your organization.
  2. Select one and spend an hour thinking about the problem and potential solutions. 
  3. Read, exercise, or meditate.  Do what you need to do to get your creative juices flowing.  Many ideas and insights are triggered by other activities. 
  4. Create a multidisciplinary team to dissect the problem with you.  This will help you to gain unique perspectives from others and identify innovative solutions you couldn’t see without new information or insight.
  5. Set aside time each week to focus on innovation.  Your innovative ideas will inspire and encourage others to participate.  The culture change starts with you.

How has an innovative idea led to an improved result at your organization?

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Missy February 21st, 2014

You are correct, we are all busy with many tasks on our plate. However when we do take the time to sit down and think innovatively for a few minutes, wonderful things can happen. For our department, we were able to come up with innovative ways to improve retention. While the implementations are still fairly young, the benefits are starting to be seen and with time we will be able to document improved results in regards to retention!

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