Process Improvement: How To Sell ItPosted on November 12, 2017

Why are leaders hesitant to focus on this? As a leader, you are no stranger to making decisions. You have built your team and you have been the architect of the culture in your department. With this in mind, you should have no problem making the decision to try and hard wire a mindset of process improvement into your team. If successful, you and your team would have achieved better results that you’re currently seeing. What leader wouldn’t charge head long into this effort? I would challenge that the answer to that question is any leader who wants this changes to be sustainable and most effective. If that is you, then you must sell your team. Their buy in will be the key to lasting success. What is the case for doing it anyway? Process improvement is more than a series of tools or techniques that help you achieve better results. It’s a culture itself. It is a mindset. In order to achieve success, you have to find a way for the concepts of process improvement to be woven into the fabric of your team. The best way to do that is to sell your team and gain a consensus on the value that this will bring. A fully committed team will find success in places and in ways that a fragmented or disengaged team will never realize. How can you do it?
  1. Identify key leaders. Find your allies on the team who will see the value you see.
  2. Welcome questions. Be open to feedback and constructive criticism from your team. They have to know that their opinions are welcome and will be heard.
  3. Seek the best idea. The best idea must win. If a team is going to work together, they must all believe that the objectives are worth striving for.
Thanks for journeying with me through this discussion about process improvement. I hope that you and your teams are able to take some of this information and help drive your culture to seek a better way.
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