Project Management: Closing out the ProjectPosted on August 30, 2015

What are the barriers to properly closing out a project?

With almost all of the project in the rear view mirror, it’s easy to be tempted to coast across the finish line. A desire to move on to whatever is next can sometimes get in the way of properly closing out a project.

Why is it important to properly close out the project?

The project close out is an important final step because it closes out any remaining items related to the project. Closing out a project communicates to owners and stakeholders that you are committed to every aspect of the project and instills confidence in a job well done. It is the final act that punctuates a project.

How can you successfully close out a project?

Request. Communicate with stakeholders and see if there are any open issues on their end that you can take care of.

Review. Evaluate your scope and deliverables to make sure you met your goals.

Report. Provide a close out report to the owners. This should include any important project related documents.

How can you use these steps to close out your projects? 

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