Project Managemet: Feedback LoopPosted on September 6, 2015

What are the barriers to properly creating a feedback loop? 

A feedback loop doesn’t contribute to the actual project at hand. Therefore, its value isnt in what it brings to the current project, but to future projects. This lack of present value will cause some to question its necessity.

Why is it important to properly create a feedback loop?

A feedback loop is a tool used to collect data from customers and stakeholders that will help improve future processes. It is real, timely, and honest input from customers about how the project was managed as well as satisfaction with the end product.

How can you successfully create a feedback loop?

Know your audienice. Understand who has the feedback you want. Identify those key stakeholders and engage with them.

Seek input. Ask for honest feedback. Have thick enough skin to receive the feedback for  its constructive value.

Take action. Implement the necessary changes based on the feedback. 

How can you use a feedback loop to imrpove results? 


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