Rehabilitation Services

In addition to a full range of services to help you meet your health and fitness goals, the LIFE Center also features a complete spectrum of rehabilitation services to assist those who have experienced an illness or injury regain their physical strength and improve their quality of life.

Physical Therapy Services

If you have experienced a stroke, a bone, a muscle, or a joint injury or are recovering from an illness that has left you debilitated you can benefit from the LIFE Center's Rehab Care programs. Rehab Care features Physical, Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Speech Therapy services to treat anyone from an infant to a senior citizen. These services are conveniently located in the Portsmouth and Lucasville LIFE Centers and also near the LIFE Center in Wheelersburg. For more information on Physical Therapy Services click here.


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CardioPulmonary Rehab

Individuals who have a history of heart disease of lung disease can benefit from CardioPulmonary Rehab. In this rehab setting patients go through monitored exercise programs designed to improve heart and lung function. In addition to the exercise, the patient and their family are offered a series of educational programs to help them learn to better manage their disease, medication and lifestyle.

Phase II Rehab is for those who have recently suffered or been diagnosed with a cardiac or pulmonary illness. This program can last from 6-12 weeks and may be covered by insurance.

Phase III Rehab is for those who been living with a diagnosis for more than 1 year and need to remain to remain fit and strong. For more information on CardioPulmonary Rehab click here.


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