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SOMC Nursing Camp to Offer Hands-on ExperiencePosted on May 28, 2010

Local students enrolled in grades 7-12 who are interested in learning about the nursing profession are encouraged to sign-up for the 2010 Nursing Camp at Southern Ohio Medical Center.

The program will take place from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday, July 19 at the SOMC Friends Community Center, 1202 18th St., Portsmouth. Lunch will be provided by Life Ambulance.

“A lot of the time, students don’t find out what being a nurse is truly all about until their very first day of nursing school,” Katy Stephens, nurse recruiter at SOMC and coordinator of the camp, said. “This program lets them explore the idea of nursing before deciding that it’s really what they want to study during their collegiate careers.”

During the camp, participants will gain a better understanding of nursing responsibilities through one-on-one interaction with hospital employees, as well as many hands-on activities and simulation tools.

“We want to give students experiences they can learn and grow from,” Stephens said. “In the past, we concentrated more on having speakers come in to talk about nursing, but this year students will actually be able to get their hands in there and see what it’s all about. It should be a lot of fun and we’re really looking forward to it.”

Pre-registration is required by June 30 and must be completed online at The program is open to 30 participants.

For more information, please call Katy Stephens at (740)-356-6499.

SOMC Named Best Employer in OhioPosted on May 28, 2010

Southern Ohio Medical Center has once again been ranked first among the Best Employers in Ohio, making an appearance on the list for the fifth consecutive year. Pictured above are members of the SOMC Hospice Services team: (l to r) Diane Colley, Thelma Bouts, Cindy Castle, Becky Dodridge, Stephanie Carter and Joanne Jordan.

he Society for Human Resource Management, Ohio State Council and Best Companies Group recently announced that Southern Ohio Medical Center has once again been ranked first among the Best Employers in Ohio.

“This is quite an honor for our organization and further proves that SOMC houses some of the best employees in the nation,” SOMC CEO Randy Arnett said. “The selection is based largely on the survey of our own employees and their view of our organization and says a lot about us as a quality employer and a great place to work.”

The survey and awards program was designed to identify, recognize and honor the Best Employers in Ohio, benefiting the state’s economy, its workforce and businesses. The distinction is given based on an evaluation of various attributes including hiring processes, celebration in the workplace, caring among team members and communication.

“We are very proud of the family atmosphere here at SOMC, which resonates in our relationships with one another and with our patients,” Vicki Noel, vice president of SOMC Human Resources, said. “This recognition, along with our Magnet Designation, VPP Star Status and FORTUNE Best Places to Work distinction, not only emanates pride to our community through employees, but also strengthens our recruitment and retention efforts.”

The 2010 Best Employers list is made up of companies split into three categories: small sized (15-24 employees), medium-sized (25-249 employees) and large-sized (250 employees or more). SOMC has been named among other large companies and is on the list for the fifth consecutive year.

To be considered for participation, companies had to fulfill eligibility requirements which include being a for-profit, not-for-profit business or government entity; being a publicly or privately held business; having a facility in Ohio; having at least 15 employees in Ohio; and being in business for a minimum of one year.

Companies are then required to enter a two-part survey process to determine the Best Employers list.

The first section of the survey evaluates each nominated company’s workplace policies, practices, philosophy, systems and demographics; the second measures employee experience and satisfaction. The combined scores determine the top companies and the final ranking, managed by the Best Companies Group.

For more information on the Best Employers in Ohio program, please visit

SOMC Wound Healing Center Wins AwardPosted on May 27, 2010


 Southern Ohio Medical Center’s Wound Healing Center recently won the regional quarterly award from the National Healing Corporation for the first quarter of 2010.

The trophy is presented to a wound center that ranks highest in performance and quality for the quarter. The Wound Healing Center at SOMC boasts a 91 percent heal rate and 98 percent patient satisfaction.

The center also offers a diversified panel of physicians including such specialties as general and plastic surgery as well as vascular and podiatry. Shown displaying the trophy are members of the Wound Healing Leadership Team.

For more information about the SOMC Wound Healing Center or to schedule an appointment, please call (740)-356-8775.

SOMC Recognized As A Fit-Friendly Company by the American Heart AssociationPosted on May 27, 2010

Southern Ohio Medical Center (SOMC) has been named a Gold Level Start! Fit Friendly Company by the American Heart Association. This is the third year SOMC has earned the recognition.

The award is given to companies that demonstrate a commitment to promoting exercise and good nutrition in the workplace. To reach the gold level, a company must meet certain criteria including offering employees physical activity support, increasing healthy eating options at work and promoting a wellness culture.

According to the American Heart Association website, the Start! Fit Friendly program is designed promote positive change in businesses by recognizing companies that create a culture of physical activity in the workplace.

SOMC Hosted Zumba™ Instructor Training CoursePosted on May 27, 2010

Southern Ohio Medical Center’s Portsmouth LIFE Center recently held a 10-hour Zumba™ Instructor Training Basics 1 workshop for 63 students to become certified Zumba Fitness Instructors. Students came from several states including New York, Pennsylvania and Indiana, among others. Eight local students participated and Doug and Joan Jones from Studio Zumba Ohio in Vandalia led the class.

“On behalf of the SOMC LIFE Center, I would like to congratulate the participants who completed the course,” Debbie Kielmar, lead fitness instructor at SOMC, said. “We anticipate more trainings like this in the future at the SOMC LIFE Center.”

For more information about classes at the SOMC LIFE Center, call Debbie at (740)-356-7391. Shown above are the 63 newly trained Zumba Fitness Instructors.

SOMC Honors Employees For Years of ServicePosted on May 27, 2010

More than 400 attendees dressed for an evening of glitz, glamour and good times as they joined to celebrate their years of achievement during the 2010 Service Awards Banquet at Southern Ohio Medical Center. The event was held May 7 at the Friends Community Center. Employees celebrating anniversaries in five-year increments were invited to the celebration and included the following:

40 years of service: Harold Bise, Operation of Plant; Sharon Carver, Community Health and Wellness; Karen Golden, ED; Susie Johnson, Maternity; Mary McDaniel, Cardiovascular Lab; Pam Snyder, MSCU; Barb Williams, Surgery;

35 years of service: Terry Bailey, Pharmacy; Dave Beair, Security; Cindy Burke, Inpatient Services; Rose Carter, Patient Relations; Kathy Lucas, Sterile Processing; Greg Malone, Bio Medical Engineering; Mary Peach, Physician Services; Brent Richard, IS; Debbie Robbins, SVCU; Mike Russell, Operation of Plant; Gail Seagraves, Maternity; Elizabeth Shaffer, ED; Jone Stone, Maternity; Patricia Swords, Central Scheduling; Don Walker, Respiratory Therapy.

30 years of service: Diane Applegate, Administration; Barbara Bailey, Surgery; Penny Chamberlin, Community Relations; Janet Clark, Lab; Ed Cooper, Environmental Services; Michael Coriell, Operation of Plant; Marilyn Darby, SVCU; Janis Eldridge, SVCU; Mary Ervin, Maternity; Kay Etterling, Home Health; Michael Harper, Surgery; Delores Henry, Claims Processing; Linda Hiles, Home Health; Jeanne Jordan, PCU; Beverly Kennedy, Lab; Beth King, Lab; Jackie Knauff, SDS; Cheryl Lauder, Surgery; Pamela Lester, Performance Improvement; Frances Loop, PCU; Barry Mitchell, Environmental Services; Cindy Montavon, Accounting; Lorinda Pelphrey, Physician Services; Kimberly Prater, MRI; Ethel Pruitt, Home Health; Joyce Purdy, ICU; Sharon Reinhardt, ED; Martha Roffe, Cardio Lab; Carolyn Ruth, SDS; Judy Shoemaker, SDS; Tom Slye, Security; Karon Spivey, Accounting; Karen Thompson, Home Health; Mary Ann Wakefield, Cath Lab; Karen Walburn, Human Resources; Myrna Wamsley, Purchasing; Claudia Wilburn, Cardio Lab; Bob Wolfe, Store Room; Josephine Yelley, Lab.

25 years of service: Ken Applegate, Human Resources; Phil Cassidy, Receiving; Cheryl Davis, Environmental Services; Tim Duduit, Store Room; Lori Guinn, Social Services; Patsy Hall, Nutrition Services; Loren Hardin, Social Services; Lyndsey Harris, Patient Registration; Donna Henson, Cash Posting; Joni Johnson, Patient Relations; Linda Jordan, Claims Processing; Bob Klaiber, Nutrition Services; Phyllis McDonald, HIM; Vicki Moore, Patient Accounting; Patricia Newsome, Nutrition Services; Roslyn Quick, Lab; Mary Sommer, Breast Center.

20 years of service: Marsha Artis, PACU; Peggy Cartee, Breast Center; Sonya Daniels, Inpatient Services; Lora Dement, SDS; Robert Gosselin, PCU; Marcella Hammonds, PACU; Randal Harness, Lab; Diane Jewett, PCU; Trina Johnson, Treasury Services; Brenda Jones, Lab; Jay Jones, Pharmacy; Tim Kratzenberg, Nuclear Medicine; Michelle Lawless, Patient Registration; Kelly Lawson, Cancer Center; Peggy Miller, Nutrition Services; Bobbi Prater, ED; Debbie Rawlins, Maternity; Sherry Roffe, Cancer Center; Debbie Spangenberg, Purchasing; Howard Thacker, Surgery; Tabitha Thomas, Diagnostic Radiology; Stephanie Triplett, Maternity; Jody Twaddle, Diagnostic Radiology; Dawn Wisener, Patient Registration.

15 years of service: Anne Cantrell, SDS; Barbara Caudill, HIM; Steve Crace, Decision Support; Korina Eichenlaub, ICU; Beth Enz, RehabCare; Ann Fankell, Social Services; Sherry Foster, UCC; Kathryn Glispie, Pharmacy; Millard Holbrook, Sterile Processing; Jennie Horner, Managed Care; Frances Hosey, Home Health; Julie Irwin, Performance Improvement; Debra Kielmar, LIFE Center; Lori Livingston, Wound Care; Cindy Mayberry, Cath Lab; Cynthia McQuay, Respiratory Therapy; Jennifer Mollett, Surgery; Gail Mougey, Hospice; Mary Pence, PCU; Wayne Rider, Operation of Plant; Doris Robinson, ED; Roxane Robinson, Safety Services; Donna Russell, Sterile Processing; Lisa Salyers, PCU; Margie Smith, Diagnostic Radiology; Lillie Snyder, Surgery; Clifford Sparks, Operation of Plant; Lisa Spencer, ICU; Angela Swords, Claims Processing; Israel Wagoner, Receiving; Cristie Winters, Lab; Tracy Winters, MSCU; Andrea Zaph, Lab.

10 years of service: Crystal Adams, SDS; Howard Adkins, Laundry; Mary Adkins, MSCU; Michael Ashley, Cath Lab; Janet Baker, Environmental Services; Lisa Barber, Lab; Anita Barney, HCC; Brandy Branham, Managed Care; Tina Brannigan, Surgery; Ina Browning, Lab; Sheree Burkhardt, Telecommunications; Janice Burton-Phipps, ED; Cherry Clevenger, Cath Lab; Martie Cline, ED; Brent Cochran, Operation of Plant; Sonja Davis, ED; Sharli Dempsey, Maternity; Crystle DeWeese, Decision Support; Cheryle Dingus, Central Scheduling; Jason Donahoe, ED; Kathy Elliott, Maternity; Juna Ellis, Cardio Lab; Amy Fenton, RehabCare; Tammie Fritz, ED; Michelle Gampp, RehabCare; Brenda Gibson, MRI; Brenda Hosey, OCU; Merina Howard, Respiratory Therapy; Tametha Hubbard, ED; Joana Jessee, Lab; Mary Journey, Cancer Center; Willea Langford, Lab; Kelly Lee, Lab; Michelle Litz, Lab; Jonathan Logan, Surgery; Donald Maerker, ED; Catherine Mathis, Medical Transcription; Jennifer Mault, Surgery; Jacquline McCray, HIM; Amy McGraw, Maternity; Carrie Meade, Central Scheduling; Kristie Meeker, Cancer Center; Samantha Miller, MSCU; Karen Mitchell, Lab; Brandi Moore, Cashiering; Loucille Moore, Diagnostic Radiology; Janet Parson, HIM; Mary Penix, MSCU; Melody Powell, OCU; Lara Ramey, Pharmacy; Jeff Rammel, Security; Kasandra Ratliff, Surgery; Jeanne Redoutey, PCU; Doris Robinette, Claims Processing; Lanie Rocas, Nutrition Services; Mary Roe, Hospice; Julie Ruark, PCU; Jennifer Schackart, Friends Center; Karen Shaw, Surgery; Laura Simpson, Diagnostic Radiology; Misty Simpson, Cat Scan; Ethel Slusher, HCU; Nadia Smith, LIFE Center; Angela Snyder, Claims Processing; Janet Stephenson, Transportation; Stephen Stewart, Environmental Services; Glennetta Strickland, Claims Processing; Jennifer Thayer, SVCU; Heather Turner, Cath Lab; Jeanne Turpin, ED; Amber Ward, Sterile Processing; Judy Wells, Physician Billing; Karen White, UCC; Norma White, Cancer Center; Tina Yongue, Pharmacy.

5 years of service: Jennifer Adkins, ED; Roger Adkins, Diagnostic Radiology; Scott Arms, Surgery; Jack Armstrong, Security; Hope Arthur, Environmental Services; Joe Augustin, ICU; Eric Bennett, ICU; Jenni Bradshaw, HIM; Gretta Bugg, HIM; Erica Campbell, HIM; Tiffany Cantrell, OCU; Kari Cassity, Hospice; Kristi Coleman, Tumor Registry; Elizabeth Conley, Nutrition; Teresa Conley, OCU; Terry Conley, Surgery; Jason Coriell, Pastoral Care; Jay Cropper, ED; Michelle Curnutte, SVCU; April Daniels, UCC; April Davis, Patient Registration; Terry Dingess, Friends Center; Melanie Drake, Diagnostic Radiology; Joseph Eastham, Surgery; Calvin Evans, ED; Donna Evans, HIM; Junlan Fernando, Environmental Services; Jennifer Geyer, Respiratory Therapy; Andrea Gilliam, Case Management; Florine Graf, Environmental Services; Angel Greathouse, Diagnostic Radiology; Kimberly Green, Case Management; Reva Greene, Telecommunications; Joe Halcomb, Operation of Plant; Jennifer Hall, Hospice; Mary Halter, Social Services; Jacqueline Hickman, LIFE Center; Keith Hiles, Pharmacy; Alicia Hilterbrand, ICU; Sherry Holbrook, PCU; Michelle Horner, MSCU; Elaine Janney, LIFE Center; Tonya Koeppel, OCU; Ronda Lands, SDS; Erica Lawson, SVCU; Robert Lemons, Surgery; Dixie Lewis, Lab; Paula Lilly, PACU; Eva Lyons, Environmental Services; Sharon Madden, UCC; Kelley Martin, Nutrition Services; Menerva Martin, LIFE Center; Sherri Matthews, Lab; Janet McHone, ICU; Brenda Mullins, PCU; Sharon Neville, Patient Registration; Christy Owens, UCC; Amanda Pollard, Cardiology; Misty Pollard, Lab; Brian Powell, IS; Susan Quillen, Diagnostic Radiology; Sarah Ralstin, LIFE Center; David Richard, OCU; Robert Riffe, Cath Lab; Autumn Risner, Hospice; Amy Russell, Medical Transcription; Tracy Scott, ED; Michael Smith, ICU; Barry Souders, Hospice; Zach Spangenberg, Lab; Crystal Sparks, IS; Melissa Stevenson, Environmental Services; Leigh Stewart, Lab; Terri Stiverson, Heart and Vascular Services; Kristen Swords, Cancer Center; Lance Warnock, Facilities; Lolita Woodard, Diagnostic Radiology; Diana Young, Maternity.

SOMC Vascular Surgeon Hochstetler Receives CertificationPosted on May 25, 2010

Marion Hochstetler, M.D., vascular surgeon at Southern Ohio Medical Center recently received board certification from the American Board of Surgery.

Dr. Hochstetler received his medical degree from Northeastern Ohio University’s College of Medicine, Rootstown, Ohio. He completed a residency in general surgery at Summa Health System in Akron, Ohio and a fellowship in vascular surgery at Greenville Hospital in Greenville, S.C. He is now board certified in general surgery and vascular surgery.

Dr. Hochstetler is in practice with the SOMC Surgical Associates. The office is located at 1711 27th St., Braunlin Building Suite 402, Portsmouth, Ohio. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call (740) 356-3562.

Dr. Roberts Joins The Practice of Dr. SongPosted on May 25, 2010

Jennifer D. Roberts, D.O., will join the practice of Yong D. Song, M.D. beginning July 1, 2010.

Dr. Roberts is a physician specializing in obstetrics and gynecology. She is from Lewis County, Kentucky. Dr. Roberts received her medical degree from the Pikeville College School of Osteopathic Medicine in Pikeville, Ky. and her bachelor of science degree in biology from Morehead State University. She completed an internship and residency at Marshall University in Huntington, W.Va.

Dr. Roberts is currently accepting new patients and can be reached at 1611 27th Street, Fulton Building, Suite 204, Portsmouth. For an appointment or for more information call (740)-353-3196.

SOMC Held Master Zumba™ ClassPosted on May 24, 2010

Southern Ohio Medical Center’s Portsmouth LIFE Center recently held a master Zumba™ class taught by Zumba Education Specialists, Doug and Joan Jones from Studio Zumba Ohio. More than 80 participants learned new Zumba routines and benefited from a high-energy workout. The event was a fundraiser and proceeds will benefit the SOMC Endowment Fund. Shown above is Doug Jones leading the class.

SOMC Employee Goes Above and BeyondPosted on May 20, 2010

Like all of the environmental services representatives at Southern Ohio Medical Center, Annette Hayslip does a wonderful job when it comes to cleaning in the Heart Care Unit. However, Annette takes things one-step further during her day-to-day activities when she constantly smiles and offers blankets, coffee and a kind word to patients and their families.

Recently on a Sunday afternoon, Annette had noticed how busy the nurses were with a very sick patient in the Heart Care Unit. She saw that a patient in another room needed to use the bathroom. There was no hesitation as she helped the patient to the restroom and then informed a nurse, Beth, of what she had done to help.

“Annette helps me whenever she can,” Beth Bullock, RN in the Heart Care Unit, said. “I know that I can concentrate on providing excellent care for my patient and if things get really busy I know she will be right there to do whatever she can for the patients and their visitors.”

Bullock recalled one day when the Heart and Vascular lobby was full with a patient’s family and visitors. They ran out of coffee and Annette told them she would be right back. She came back with a cart full of snacks and hot coffee.

“When Annette cleans a room, you know it’s clean. She does her job with such perfection and love,” Bullock added. “She’s a team player 110 percent of the time. She’s a real life example of teamwork and not only that, but an example of just simply loving your job.”

“Since the day the Heart and Vascular Care Unit opened, Annette has been a very important part of our team,” Amy Fraulini, director of Heart and Vascular Services, said. “She has gone above and beyond to help the nursing staff and patients.”

Annette has been a housekeeper at SOMC for more than 10 years. She has also worked in the Emergency Department, Maternity and floated through different units. When asked why she works so diligently to provide excellent service, she will humbly tell you its because she cares about people.

“You can really count on Annette to do an excellent job and to empathize with patients and their families,” Joan Flowers, director of Environmental Services at SOMC, said. “She helps organize activities within our department and sometimes she will bake brownies for her co-workers before coming into work at 8 a.m.”

“When I round on patients in the Heart Care Unit, they often tell me how wonderful and helpful the housekeepers are, especially Annette,” Fraulini said. “All of the staff in the Heart Care Unit work together as a team to provide excellent care and service to our patients.”

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