290+ In Annual Run For Your LIFEPosted on September 29, 2009

More than 290 runners participated in the 32nd annual Run For Your LIFE community races Saturday, Sept. 5, starting at the SOMC LIFE Center.

Overall winners in the 5-K race were Zach Holbert and Maddie McAllister, while overall winners in the 10-K event were Blake Jones and Amy Kline.

5-K winners in each age and gender group included: Male: 1-15, Levi Cook, Daniel Evory, Kyle Johnson; Female: 1-15, Courtney Blanton, Sheridan McLean, Elysia Montgomery; Male: 16-19, Jordan Selby, Dylan Pack, Brady Evans; Female: 16-19, Karissa Adkins, Jasmine Davis, Andrea Benjamin; Male: 20-24, Anthony Webb, Zach Phillips; Female: 20-24, Jodi Smith, Kristy King, Danielle Marion; Male: 25-29, Jason Smith, Aaron Prose, Daniel Waters; Female: 25-29, Cathy Maddox, Caitlin Throckmorton, Amy Conn; Male: 30-34, Greg Young, Brad Vanover, Mike Ashley; Female: 30-34, Lindsey Hamilton, Kat Colley, Angela Greenslate; Male: 35-39, Ken Mantle, Tim Buckle, Jay Risheh; Female: 35-39, Aimee Miller, Stacy Hornikel, Victoria Book; Male: 40-44; Ed Edwards, Brian Shope, John Hall; Female: 40-44, Julie Panzera, Leigh Phillips, Christie Blair; Male: 45-49, Troy Joyce, Roy Smith, Kevin Kammler; Female: 45-49, Sandy Smith, Kim Toland, Pam Shonkwiler; Male: 50-54, Greg Bridgewater, Keith Maddox, Tom Walker; Female: 50-54, Barbara Duncan, Jill Adkins, Peggy Kindinger; Male: 55-59, Frank James, Dean Wray, David Fitch; Female: 55-59, Jackie Journey, Carole Perkins; Male: 60-64, Daniel Ruggiero, Larry Neff, Larry Fitch; Female: 60-64, Betty Neff, Peggy Ruggiero, Kendra Hughes; Male: 65-99, Sonny Mullins, Richard Cielec, John Euton; Female: 65-99, Lois Rase.

10-K winners in each age and gender group included: Male: 16-19, Chase Wittington, Ralph Craft, Casey Whittington; Female: 16-19, Breanna Butler; Male: 20-24, Colton Halverson, Joshua Kelley; Male: 25-29, Kevin Locker, James Spaulding, Derrick Carver; Female: 25-29, Regina Tipton; Male: 30-34, Tom Deck, Jeremy Burnside, Daniel McDonie; Female: 30-34, Angie Welch, Dana Fetters; Male: 35-39, Christopher Delotel, Chris Lowery; Female: 35-39, Andrea Will, Amy Lowery, Jennifer Mault; Male: 40-44, John Austin, John Walsh, Ryan Ramsey; Female: 40-44, Angie Walsh, Melody Messer, Tempest Allen; Male: 45-49, Patrick Whitt, Marty Redden, Gregory Mays; Female: 45-49, Sharon Welsh; Male: 50-54, Greg Malone, Russ Sommers, Mike Marion; Female: 50-54, Regina Clay, Theresa Kline, Sharon Malone; Male: 55-59, Dale Mueller, Mike Thompson, Larry Tieman; Female: 55-59, Becky Thompson; Male: 60-64, Delmar Scowden; Male: 65-99, Kou Liu.

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