Amanda Williams: Taking the Reins of LifePosted on December 13, 2017

Life is a lot like riding a horse.

Taking that first step up to place a foot in a horse saddle is not always an easy task. When one finally makes it onto the saddle, the work isn’t over. The ride is just beginning. Learning to ride a horse requires time, diligence and patience. Being a successful rider also requires steering outside of a comfort zone and taking the reins.

Amanda Williams treats making the decisions of her life a lot like how she learned to ride a horse. In her life, she had to make many decisions that required patience and diligence to reach where she is today.

“I kind of took the long way around,” Williams said.

Williams life teaches that taking the long path is sometimes required to reach the intended location.

“My husband was in the navy for a long time and we got transferred to Georgia,” Williams said, “So, I was a housewife for a while.”

She said she originally saw herself becoming a veterinarian or practicing medicine. With those intentions, she went to college planning for either one of those paths by studying biology and chemistry as a double major.

During that time, she had to reroute her plans and take a break from school for a while to follow her husband to Georgia as he served our country.

“If you really want something, don’t give up,” Williams said.

Sometimes tightening up the reins of life is required to push forward outside of a comfort zone. That is exactly what Amanda Williams did when she moved back to Peebles from Georgia with her husband and two children. She mounted up and trotted back to her path of following her dreams of practicing medicine.

Life might not always be a short, easy ride, but Williams showed perseverance to take control of the reign of her own life.

Having patience and following her path led Williams to Southern Ohio Medical Center, where she is now a nurse practitioner specializing in cardiology.

The first step isn’t always easy and the ride isn’t always smooth. It takes determination and grit like Amanda Williams to get back on the intended path, no matter how long it takes to get to the destination. Her path teaches that no matter the conditions, all it takes is that first step and a tight grip on life.

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