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Early detection and decisive action keep Glockner in life’s driver’s seatPosted on 11/28/2022

There was no reason for Andy Glockner to know there was any issue with his lungs. No pain. No trouble breathing. No symptoms at all. But after having a CT Scan as part of a physical, his doctor saw something that shouldn’t have been there.

“He noticed a nodule on the lower left lobe of my left lung,” Glockner said. At first, neither party thought much of it, but it was later recommended that Glockner have a needle biopsy just to be sure.

“They said, ‘Your lungs are in great shape. Your in great shape. All your bloodwork and everything looks great. We’re 98% it’ll be benign but would you care if we did a needle biopsy?’”

It turned out the nodule was malignant, meaning it was cancerous.

“That’s when I was sent over to Dr. Jeremiah Martin,” Glockner said.

Glockner was lucky. He found the issue early enough that it was still small, and that afforded him options for the treatment. He says Dr. Martin told him they could try to burn the place off his lung, or they could be more aggressive and remove the whole lower left lobe. If they did that, his right lung would be able to compensate for whatever he lost in the left lung. He was also told that, because they caught it so early, radiation and chemotherapy probably wouldn’t be necessary.

“That was a godsend,” Glockner said. “I was one of the lucky ones.”

Glockner opted to handle the problem aggressively and had the lower left lobe of his left lung removed. The results have been great. “I just went last week for a checkup,” Glockner said. “Everything’s clean. He said if it hadn’t come back by now, it probably never will.”

Glockner, who turned 70 earlier this year, said he couldn’t feel better. He also couldn’t be happier with his experience at SOMC.

“Jeremiah’s salt-of-the-Earth. True professional. Dr. Saab, Jeff Ramey, the whole staff… they’re just first-class people. You couldn’t ask for a more professional, down-to-Earth, friendly team. I highly recommend them.”

While Glockner is thrilled with the care he received, he also knows that he benefited greatly from just doing routine checkups so that issues like his could be caught early. Without that, his story might have gone differently, which is something he hopes others can take away from his experience.

“Especially as we age, as we get older, our body starts wearing down,” he said. “I would recommend to everybody that they not put off basic physicals. Do your checkups and listen to your professionals.”

Lung Cancer Learning Event set for Nov. 7Posted on 11/02/2020

Southern Ohio Medical Center and Lungevity will be hosting a Lung Cancer Learning Event on Saturday, November 7. The virtual learning session will simplify any confusion regarding who should receive a lung screening test, when and how often. Dr. Jeremiah Martin, a thoracic surgeon at SOMC, will lead the conversation.

“This is a great opportunity for the community to ask questions and have them answered by an expert,” Wendi Waugh, SOMC Director of Cancer Services, said. “We encourage anyone who is interested in learning more about lung cancer, and whether or not they should be screened, to take part in this event.”

Admission is free but registration is required. To participate, register at by November 6 at 5:00 pm. The event will begin at 9am on November 7. Details regarding how to log on will be sent directly to participants after they sign up.

SOMC receives $34,984 from Susan G. KomenPosted on 04/18/2017

Southern Ohio Medical Center has been awarded $34,984 from Susan G. Komen Columbus to support patient navigation services through the Hands of Hope program.

The services provided by Hands of Hope assist women by educating them about risk and how to access care through their insurance, as well as how to navigate the healthcare system to get screenings.

“The support we receive from Susan G. Komen Columbus has been tremendous for our community,” SOMC’s Breast Health Navigator Kim Richendollar said. “We are honored to receive funding from Komen Columbus. Without their support, far too many women in our community would find themselves without the care they need.”

For more information about SOMC’s Hands of Hope, visit

Glockner Enterprises donates to Compassion FundPosted on 01/01/2017

glockner-donationwebSouthern Ohio Medical Center recently received a donation of $5,000 from Glockner Enterprises. The donation will go towards the Breast Cancer Compassion Fund, which is supported by donations and utilized for patient assistance needs such as utilities, medications, transportation and common necessities needed during cancer care.

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