CrossFit Alpha Pack offers breast cancer awareness WODPosted on October 10, 2015

Screen Shot 2015-09-25 at 10.12.20 AMThe CrossFit Alpha Pack will be adding a special “Breast Cancer Awareness Workout Of The Day” on October 14, in honor of breast cancer awareness month. The exercise will take place during the 5:30 am, 8:00 am, 5:30 pm and 6:45 pm workout sessions.

The “Breast Cancer Awareness Workout Of The Day” consists of seven rounds, in recognition of the fact that 7% of the women diagnosed with breast cancer worldwide are under the age of 40.

It will include:

12 toes to bar, in honor of the 12% of U.S. women who will develop breast cancer;

13 burpees, in honor of the 1.3 million women worldwide diagnosed with breast cancer every year;

And 28 air squats for the 2.8 million breast cancer survivors currently living in the United States

The exercise is open to anyone age 14 and over. LIFE Center or Alpha Pack membership is not required.

The CrossFit Alpha Pack Den is located at 1202 18th Street, next to the SOMC Friends Center.

For more information, call 740-356-7650, email or visit

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