Deaf Services Center To Assume Operation Of Community Services For Deaf and Hard of HearingPosted on April 11, 2008

Deaf Services Center, Inc., (DSC) of Columbus, Ohio will assume management and operation of Community Services for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (CSDHH) in Portsmouth following approval on Tuesday, April 8 by the DSC Board of Trustees.

CSDHH was operated and had been subsidized by Southern Ohio Medical Center for more than 20 years. DSC is a private, non-profit community center serving deaf communities in 15 counties including Central Ohio and southeastern Ohio.  Core services include case management, interpreting, advocacy/education and leadership.

Clients in the deaf community should see no change in services,” CSDHH Director Teresa Bryan said. “The location is expected to remain on the SOMC South Campus, at least for the near future, and the same services are expected to be provided through DSC’s operation.”

John L. Moore, CEO/Executive Director of DSC, said DSC is looking forward to working with the deaf and hard of hearing in the Portsmouth community and ensuring that their needs are being met.

“DSC is pleased in ensuring that the continuation of services provided in Portsmouth will continue under our fiscal oversight of operations,” Moore said. “We have committed to the continuation of services until June 30, 2009, and in the meantime we will be working with the Portsmouth CSDHH in the development of a transition committee to enable your center to become independent or find an appropriate host agency locally to continue services beyond June 30, 2009.”

In addition to program fees, private funders, governmental contracts, donors and fundraising efforts, which comprise the bulk of DSC’s financial support, the program also has an agreement with the Ohio Rehabilitation Services Commission (RSC). RSC is the state agency charged with helping Ohioans with Disabilities achieve independence and retain or obtain jobs. The program’s mission is to empower the deaf and hard of hearing with access to communication, services and events in the community.

“I want to thank John Moore and the Deaf Services Center for their leadership in taking over the administration of the Portsmouth area Community Center for the Deaf,” John Connelly, Executive Director of the Ohio Rehabilitation Services Commission, said.  “This will help ensure continued service for Portsmouth area customers. We appreciate our partnership with Southern Ohio Medical Center and wish them well as they continue to focus on the overall healthcare needs of Southern Ohio.”

CSDHH serves 186 deaf and hard of hearing people in nine counties around Portsmouth. The change in management is expected to be finalized by April 18.

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