Dr. Jesse Houghton’s a star in Red Cross eventPosted on December 1, 2013

It’s official: Dr. Jesse Houghton is a star.

Just one year after moving to Portsmouth, the SOMC physician has been selected to compete in the Red Cross’ “Dancing With Our Stars” charity competition in April.

Houghton is paired with Cirque d’Art dancer and Dancing with Our Stars veteran, Autumn Thompson. They are so far keeping the details of their performance under wraps, but their practices have already begun… as has a new emphasis on fitness.

“It’s not the first thing that you think of, but this competition forces you to get in shape,” Houghton said. “It’s a two minute dance, but if you’re going full steam for the whole two minutes you’ve got to be in shape.”

Houghton’s routine also incorporates aspects that can be physically demanding, such as lifting his partner up over his head.

“I’m someone who always likes a challenge,” Houghton said.

Embedded in this particular challenge is the opportunity for Houghton and his supporters to build a winning streak for local physicians. Last year, Dr. John Turjoman captured the top prize while Dr. Nathan Bennington was named fan favorite.

This year, it falls on Houghton – as the only SOMC employee to be featured as a “star” – to notch a victory for the medical staff.

“I think there is a little pressure,” Dr. Houghton said, “but I think we have a good team between myself and Autumn.”

Dancing With Our Stars success isn’t based solely on their performance, however. Votes are already being accumulated through donations to the Red Cross, with each dollar given counting as one vote.
To vote for Dr. Jesse Houghton, simply make a donation of any amount to the Red Cross through the following link:

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  • (740) 356-5000