Get stroke savvy in MayPosted on May 1, 2017

With more than 795,000 strokes occurring every year in the United States across the age spectrum, it is critical that all Americans adopt preventive lifestyle habits, know the warning signs and understand the treatment options available to themselves and their loved ones should a stroke occur.

May is Better Hearing and Speech Month – a time for Portsmouth residents to become stroke savvy.

Although it’s more common in older adults, stroke can affect anyone. In fact, stroke is trending upward in younger Americans. A recent study showed that the state of stroke increased by 147% in people ages 35-39, 101% in people ages 40-45, 68% in people ages 45-49 and 23% in people ages 50-54.

Although not all strokes are preventable, certain lifestyle habits can reduce a person’s risk of having a stroke. Factors that work in a person’s favor include maintaining a healthy diet and low cholesterol, exercising regularly, limiting alcohol consumption and refraining from smoking.

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