Maternity donations try to ease pain of losing a childPosted on October 16, 2013

There’s nothing like the pain of losing a child. Kristen Newsom knows this firsthand. Her own son, Cash Ryan, was stillborn last June.

Now, she’s doing what she can to help other parents dealing with grief after a fetal demise or stillbirth. She has provided SOMC Maternity with gift baskets full of items meant to help memorialize the memories of children who passed too soon.

“If we can reach out and at least offer some comfort, that’s what we’re going to do,” Kristen said.

Included in the baskets are books to help make sense of the tragedy, as well as SD cards for cameras and hand molds that can be used to immortalize their child’s memory. They are things that Kristen said would have been precious to her when she lost her own child.

The donations are part of a larger effort that Kristen has made to help other parents who have suffered a loss. There are several fundraisers that have been held in Cash’s memory, with the proceeds going to the Cash Ryan Memorial Fund. This allows her to help other families through their pain, while also keeping her son’s memory alive.

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