Riverview Activities Attracting Many InterestsPosted on December 21, 2007

There is a familiar face for many of residents at Riverview Retirement Center these days.

Kay Warner has been helping with the Variety Market grocery store for residents. A long-time employee of Southern Ohio Medical Center’s Nutrition Services staff, Kay had to retire from her cafeteria duties at the hospital in mid-2005 due to health problems, but she is able to lend a hand for a few afternoon hours each day at Riverview.

“Kay is the newest SOMC employee to come and live at Riverview,” the community’s administrator, Tim Graham, says. “We accept anyone age 50 or older for residency in the 106 apartments in Biggs and Washington houses.” The two buildings are located on either side of Olde Market Square at Second and Market streets in the Boneyfiddle District of Portsmouth. For Kay, the work, as well as her new home, have been rewarding.

“It’s nice and safe here,” she says. “We have a lot of activities going on all the time, and in addition to the Variety Market we have a library, a new kitchen, chapel, and the new Buckey Room for playing pool.”

Kay is also close to family some of the time, as her mother volunteers at the adult day center located next door. And when she isn’t busy with some of more than 70 scheduled activities each month for residents, she is figuring out how use the computer in one of the activity rooms.

“I’ve learned how to do some of the puzzles, but I haven’t gotten to email yet,” she says.

The Variety Market keeps staples on hand including coffee, flour, canned vegetables, milk, butter, eggs, snacks, ice cream and lunchmeats. The coffee shop adjacent to the market is busy a lot of the day, as residents stop by and catch up the latest news. Kay is usually on hand, helping with the groceries and coffee.

Riverview is a Housing and Urban Development-subsidized facility.

“Riverview is very affordable,” Graham says. “You can have a retirement income and still live here. For a married couple, you can have as much as $33,150 in annual income and still qualify. A single person can have up to $29,000 annual income and qualify.”

He noted that all apartments are furnished with stove, refrigerator and air conditioner/heat and the units have a variety of floorplan layouts, with rental fees including utilities and a reduced rate for cable television. Kay highly recommends the facilities to friends and anyone considering a change of living environment.

“There is so much to do here, trips and outings and the things right here at Riverview Retirement Center,” she says. “It really is a great place to be.” For more information about Riverview, call Graham at (740) 353-1128.

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