SOMC AIC Offers Infusion ServicesPosted on June 30, 2010

Southern Ohio Medical Center offers an Ambulatory Infusion Clinic (AIC) at the Urgent Care Center-Portsmouth facility, located at 1248 Kinneys Lane (on SOMC’s South Campus). The AIC is an outpatient clinic that provides infusions, blood transfusions, IV/IG infusions and IV antibiotics.

“The AIC is a very convenient way for patients to quickly stop in and receive their infusions or treatments,” Ryan Carpenter, assistant nurse manager of the SOMC Urgent Care Center-Portsmouth and coordinator for the AIC, said. “They can call ahead and schedule their appointments, whether it be a one-time appointment or on a weekly or monthly basis.”

Carpenter explained that many times insurance coverage won’t pay for home care infusions but usually pays for visits to the AIC, depending on the specific terms of the policy. He also added that the AIC is in a well-situated centralized location and it’s easy to quickly get in and out of the building.

Therapies and treatments provided at the AIC include antibiotic, antiviral, antifungal and biologic modifier therapies. Daily, monthly or one-time injections or infusion services include but are not limited to: Arixtra®, Boniva®, Factor VIII®, IVIG, Lovenox®, Neupogen®, Neulasta®, Procrit®, Remicade®, Rhogam®, Tysabri®, Vaccines, Xolair®, central venous access device management, PICC line maintenance, outpatient transfusion of blood products and IV fluids for hydration.

“One example of a patient who might utilize the services provided at the AIC could be someone who was on the verge of being admitted to the hospital with pneumonia. We can provide outpatient IV antibiotic therapy that they need to get well,” Carpenter said.

The clinic is operated within the urgent care center and patients report to the front entrance and sign in at the triage stations. Patients need an order from their family physician, nurse practitioner, specialists or other physicians to schedule an appointment.

“We are committed to providing excellent service and quality care,” Carpenter said. “We are proud to be the first in our community to offer this type of service.”

“In addition to the AIC, we also provide outpatient services and testing (including lab and x-ray),” Kathy Davis, nurse manager of the UCC, said. “The hours of operation for the Urgent Care Center, AIC and the outpatient services are 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Sunday-Saturday.”

For more information about the SOMC Ambulatory Infusion Clinic or the SOMC Urgent Care Center-Portsmouth, please call (740) 356-7240.

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