SOMC Athletic Trainers improving health of local studentsPosted on September 10, 2015

The SOMC Sports Motion program is making huge strides to improve the health and wellness of our local student athletes, partnering with 14 school districts to provide prevention, assessment, immediate care, and rehabilitation of orthopedic and athletic injuries.

“SOMC Sports Motion is a premier sports medicine program that offers a unique multidisciplinary approach to health issues,” Brad Zieber, manager of SOMC Performance Training, said. “Our trainers offer a scientific approach to the full continuum of care—from prevention and performance improvement, all the way through injury, treatment and rehabilitation.”

Athletic trainers are licensed and certified healthcare professionals who collaborate with coaches, parents, athletes, and physicians to optimize activity and participation. They prevent injuries by implementing stretching, strength, and conditioning programs at each school, providing immediate assessment and care of injuries, utilizing special training to streamline the healing process, and progressively rehabilitating injuries to promote a timely return to play.

“Our athletic training team is very involved in each school’s sports system, helping to coordinate and provide coverage at games, practices, tournaments, and other sporting events,” Zieber said. “They’re right there with the team on the sideline, which is a huge benefit if an injury occurs on the field or court. Our trainers can immediately assess patients and refer them to a physician to get them the care they need.”

Sport Motion’s Athletic Training Outreach Program currently utilizes nine trainers who include: Joel Bennett, Lauren Breitenbach, Robert Dryden, Nathan Franke, Amber Howell, Summer Potter, Ray Tackett, Brian Tennant, and Matt Wilson. The program itself is utilized by the school systems of Clay, East, Eastern, Green, Lewis County, Manchester, Minford, New Boston, Northwest, Notre Dame, South Webster, Western, Wheelersburg, and Valley.

“The program keeps growing, by both the number of trainers and the schools we work with, and we’re excited to partner with new districts for the upcoming school year,” Zieber added. “We’re glad our services are reaching so many and I thank our team for all their hard work.”

SOMC Sports Motion also provides a Saturday Sports Injury Clinic that is open to all student athletes during the fall sports season. The clinic is available every Saturday at the SOMC Orthopedic Associates Office, where an orthopedic surgeon will be able to evaluate each athlete. Appointments are not necessary and walk-ins are welcome.

For more information about SOMC’s Sports Motion program, or to contact an athletic trainer, please call 740-356-7526.

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