SOMC Breast Center Gets New State-of-the-Art TechnologyPosted on 03/01/2019

The SOMC Breast Center is now able to provide their patients state-of-the-art technology with their new Brevera breast biopsy machine. This purchase was made possible in-part through a $50,000 Appalachian Regional Commission (ACR) Grant earned by Cathy Mullins, Grant Writer for the SOMC Development Foundation.

With the machine costing approximately $76,000, funds werestill needed to help purchase the machine. From there, the wonderful guildmembers of the SOMC Hope and Kardia Guilds graciously stepped in and donated the rest of the funds needed to purchase the advanced machine.

The machine can be described as a camera that takes more in-depth and sharper images of the area being biopsied. This equipment also results in a quicker scan time for the patient.

“[The Brevera] will reduce the number of samples taken (reduce the amount of tissue removed) and provides a good sample for the pathologist, reduce the amount of time the patient has to lay on the table in compression, reduce the amount of time it takes to perform a biopsy and allow us to perform more biopsies,” said Donna Corcoran, Manager of Mammography.

Recently, Donna was able to show the Hope and Kardia guild members the new machine in-person and speak with them about the benefits for the patients and staff.

“This piece of equipment allows us to provide the best care possible to every patient,” Donna said. “We truly enjoyed seeing and talking with the individuals who helped purchase this unit for the Breast Center.”

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