SOMC Cancer Center Receives ACR AccreditationPosted on November 29, 2010

The SOMC Cancer Center recently received accreditation from the American College of Radiology (ACR). Approval from the ACR demonstrates a commitment to excellent patient care and reassures that staff and equipment have passed the ACR’s rigorous evaluation. The SOMC Cancer Center is the first and only center in the region to hold this accreditation. “We are very pleased to have received our certificate of approval from the ACR,” Wendi Waugh, administrative director of the SOMC Cancer Center, said. “This accreditation provides a high level of confidence for our patients, referring physicians and other organizations that only the highest quality care is offered at the SOMC Cancer Center.” In addition to the assurance and competitive edge this accreditation offers, insurance companies such as Cigna, Blue Cross Blue Shield and ANTHEM recognize the value of ACR accreditation programs. The accreditation is a three-year acknowledgement from ACR and begins a nine-year period that the SOMC Radiation Oncology department has attained the accreditation. The SOMC Cancer Center will apply for re-accreditation in three years. To learn more about the excellent services provided at the SOMC Cancer Center, please visit or call 740-356-7490.  
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