SOMC Employee Goes Above and BeyondPosted on May 20, 2010

Like all of the environmental services representatives at Southern Ohio Medical Center, Annette Hayslip does a wonderful job when it comes to cleaning in the Heart Care Unit. However, Annette takes things one-step further during her day-to-day activities when she constantly smiles and offers blankets, coffee and a kind word to patients and their families.

Recently on a Sunday afternoon, Annette had noticed how busy the nurses were with a very sick patient in the Heart Care Unit. She saw that a patient in another room needed to use the bathroom. There was no hesitation as she helped the patient to the restroom and then informed a nurse, Beth, of what she had done to help.

“Annette helps me whenever she can,” Beth Bullock, RN in the Heart Care Unit, said. “I know that I can concentrate on providing excellent care for my patient and if things get really busy I know she will be right there to do whatever she can for the patients and their visitors.”

Bullock recalled one day when the Heart and Vascular lobby was full with a patient’s family and visitors. They ran out of coffee and Annette told them she would be right back. She came back with a cart full of snacks and hot coffee.

“When Annette cleans a room, you know it’s clean. She does her job with such perfection and love,” Bullock added. “She’s a team player 110 percent of the time. She’s a real life example of teamwork and not only that, but an example of just simply loving your job.”

“Since the day the Heart and Vascular Care Unit opened, Annette has been a very important part of our team,” Amy Fraulini, director of Heart and Vascular Services, said. “She has gone above and beyond to help the nursing staff and patients.”

Annette has been a housekeeper at SOMC for more than 10 years. She has also worked in the Emergency Department, Maternity and floated through different units. When asked why she works so diligently to provide excellent service, she will humbly tell you its because she cares about people.

“You can really count on Annette to do an excellent job and to empathize with patients and their families,” Joan Flowers, director of Environmental Services at SOMC, said. “She helps organize activities within our department and sometimes she will bake brownies for her co-workers before coming into work at 8 a.m.”

“When I round on patients in the Heart Care Unit, they often tell me how wonderful and helpful the housekeepers are, especially Annette,” Fraulini said. “All of the staff in the Heart Care Unit work together as a team to provide excellent care and service to our patients.”

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