SOMC Employees Get Surprise of a LifetimePosted on 02/21/2019

Many expect to come to work and have a normal day at the office, but sometimes fate has other plans.

Kayla Tuel and her husband, Aaron, were awaiting the arrival of their baby boy. They went into the hospital at 3 a.m. on Wednesday, but the baby decided he wasn’t ready to meet the world, so they were sent home.

A short six hours later, her and her husband raced to the hospital knowing their baby boy was coming soon.

They were greeted by registration staff and Kellie Zoellner and JoJo Cooper volunteered to take her to the Maternity Department, not knowing what was ahead.

By the time they got down the hall to the elevator, Kayla’s baby boy was ready to make his appearance!

Kellie knew she had to jump into action quick and immediately called for a nurse. Kellie’s nerves didn’t hold her back. She was determined to take care of the expectant mother and her baby.

“I need a nurse, and I need a nurse now!” she shouted out of the elevator.

Karen Walburn of Employee Health and Wellness happened to be in the area at the time and jumped on the elevator to comfort Kayla. While Karen comforted Kayla, Kellie was able to welcome her baby, Daniel, into the world, an opportunity she never expected at work!

After the excitement on the elevator, they finally reached the Maternity Department in a different fashion than most expectant mothers, with her baby in her arms. JoJo ran and got the maternity nurses and they quickly sprang into action.

“[Kellie] came and checked on us twice that day, telling me that I made her day, but really she made ours. She is my HERO,” Kayla said. “A day that we will never forget and a new friend we’ve made forever.”

Definitely a birth story to remember! We appreciate Kellie, Karen and JoJo for jumping in and going above and beyond. We also wish congratulations to the family!

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