SOMC Employees Go Above and Beyond to Help Local StudentsPosted on September 16, 2008

Through determination, competitive drive, and more selfless hearts than can be counted, employees of Southern Ohio Medical Center helped to donate more than 4,200 pencils, glue sticks, notebooks and other items during the 2008 United Way School Supply Drive, which took place Aug. 1 on the Main Campus.

“There are many underprivileged families in our community, sometimes with two or three children to a home, and it can become a very large burden to bare when each child needs their own set of school supplies,” Mary Peercy, executive director of the United Way of Scioto County, said. “SOMC and its employees have always been a huge supporter of providing these resources for our local students.”

School supply lists were given to employees, with each listed item designated a point value, Beverly Stringer, member of the SOMC United Way committee, said.. For each point a staff member earned per donation, they were given the chance to enter into a drawing for either an OSU- or UK-themed gift basket. Points also were tallied per department and the team to earn the most would win a pizza party.

The SOMC Housekeeping Department was named the overall winner of the competition, donating an outstanding total of more than 1,300 supply items.

“Our donation was a group effort and we never could have reached our total if it weren’t for the commitment given by each individual,” Tammy Wiedbruak, housekeeper at SOMC, said. “Our department decided right off the bat that we wanted to do what we could to make this project possible. The competitiveness of it all encouraged us to do even more.”

“We’re always looking for ways to jump in and support those in need,” Tresea Johnson housekeeper at SOMC, said. “There are so many people, especially children, within our community that need that extra bit of encouragement or financial help and we’re more than happy to be there for them when they need us.”

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