SOMC hosts Nurse’s Day event at Friends CenterPosted on April 30, 2012

Nearly 50 high school students considering a career in healthcare got the opportunity to take a closer look at their dream jobs during Southern Ohio Medical Center’s Nursing Camp event at the SOMC Friends Center. Nurse Recruiter Katy Stephens said the event helps students decide whether or not they want to enter the healthcare field. For those who do, it also offers insight into numerous nursing specialties. “The students in attendance learn more about surgical nursing, maternity nursing, cardiac nursing and emergency nursing as well as community health and wellness,” Stephens said. “When the weather allows it, we even bring in a helicopter and give them a glimpse into flight nursing.” SOMC invited four students each from 15 local high schools to the event. Guidance counselors were tasked with selecting which students to send. Among those in attendance was Minford sophomore Olivia Thoroughman, 16, who said she enjoyed the hands-on elements of Nursing Camp. “I enjoyed the surgical segment and being able to use the simulation tools,” Thoroughman said. In addition to encouraging the interest of students like Thoroughman, SOMC also helps aspiring healthcare providers by explaining the various routes they can take to become a nurse. SOMC also offers financial assistance for nursing school to employees. Stephens said that SOMC’s Nursing Camp event is continuing to grow and receive positive feedback. In fact, the students are consistently asking for more. “The most common things we hear is that they want to go into the actual hospital and see the work we do first-hand,” Stephens said. “That feedback led us to pass out flyers for shadowing opportunities at SOMC this year.” Although they may not be able to engage in patient care as high school students, events like Nursing Camp are meant to help put them on the path to doing just that later in life.
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