SOMC occupational therapists address unique needs with customized plansPosted on May 12, 2013

Debra Page was walking out her front door in November when she suddenly fell, landing on her hand and breaking her elbow. When she arrived at the hospital, she got more bad news: the fall had also severed an artery. “Having injuries to both my hand and my elbow have made this a unique situation,” Page said. “If I had one injury or the other, it wouldn’t have been nearly as hard to take care of.” Page knew she needed help recovering from the injuries, and she placed her trust in Southern Ohio Medical Center. She began going through occupational therapy in Wheelersburg and, though it was a struggle early on, she has been thrilled with the results. “Starting out, my hand was a mess. I couldn’t even hold a ball, let alone do anything with it,” Page said. “But the staff pushed me. They’ve been great, and everything along this experience has been very positive.” Page has had five operations to help correct her injuries and continues to go through therapy. SOMC’s occupational therapists pride themselves on their ability to deal with the unique needs of various patients. Their first objective in any situation is to understand the degree of an injury, disease or developmental anomaly and how it has impacted a patient’s everyday life. They then create creative, individualized plans to help the patient get back to their normal routine. In Page’s case, she was also pleased with how well SOMC was able to work her therapy around her other appointments and obligations. “I’ve had no problems,” Page said. “If I can’t be there a certain day or I need to work around doctor’s appointments, they’re able to accommodate me.” To learn more about SOMC Rehabilitation, call 740-356-7438 or visit
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