SOMC offering Triathlon Clinic on July 13Posted on July 1, 2013

Ahead of the second annual Sprint Triathlon in August, Southern Ohio Medical Center will be hosting a Triathlon Clinic on July 13 to help contenders hone their skills, improve their technique and have some fun.

“Our training is an excellent way for athletes to receive coaching expertise, meet new training buddies and learn key tips and techniques for completing a triathlon,” Brad Zieber supervisor of PT, PEC and Special Projects at the SOMC LIFE Center, said. “It’s also a great way to just get a good workout.”

SOMC’s Sprint Triathlon is made up of three events: A 200-meter swim, a 10-mile bike course and a 5k run. All three will be touched upon during the Triathlon Training, so participants are asked to wear running gear. They must also bring swim gear, including goggles, and their bicycle.

Specifically, the Triathlon Training will cover:

  • Swimming: Safety, Race Procedures, Reading the Course, Managing the start/crowds
  • Cycling: Setting up the transition area, successful swim-to-bike transition, safety and managing the course, pacing and fueling the ride
  • Running: Successful bike-to-run transition, safety and managing the course, pacing and fueling the run, finishing in style

The clinic will also cover injury prevention and nutrition. The SOMC Triathlon Clinic will last from 8am until 10am on July 13, and the SOMC Sprint Triathlon will take place on August 25. For more information, or to sign up, contact the SOMC LIFE Center at 740-356-7650.

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