SOMC Offers Performance Enhancement Center for AthletesPosted on November 16, 2011


SOMC offers a Performance Enhancement Center for athletes of all levels. Shown above is SOMC LIFE Center employee Brad Zieber (right) training Andrew Cline (center) and Matthew Chandlen (left) for an upcoming triathlon.

November 16, 2010 » Southern Ohio Medical Center offers a Performance Enhancement Center (PEC) for athletes of all levels, ages 10 and up. The PEC program has helped countless students and athletes improve their speed, agility, power and strength prior the start of the season. The man behind it all, Brad Zieber, exercise physiologist, ACE Certified Personal Trainer, NASM Performance Enhancement Specialist and FMS Certified. Brad meets with 10 to 15 clients a week and during the summer he averages 40 a week, training them for football, basketball, volleyball, baseball and a wide array of other sports. “I work with clients for a six-week period, three days a week,” Zieber said. “We use the SOMC LIFE Center and the Outpatient Rehab Center. We utilize a high-speed treadmill, the pool and other equipment to increase hand-eye coordination, flexibility and overall performance.” Brad takes his job one step further, when he asks for his client’s sports schedules and attends their games. “Once I’ve seen the kids in action, I can do my job better. I can see where their speed is or other areas they need to improve,” he said. “I can also see their competition on the field or the court. This helps me see the areas they are underachieving in, so I can help them improve in these areas and overachieve.” “I’ve been in PEC since seventh grade and now I’m a junior,” said Joey Aeh, Greenup football player. “We start PEC with latter drills and treadmill exercises, strength work, pull a tire across the room, core exercises, fast pass and quick moving exercises; I’m usually exhausted when I get home.” Andrew Cline and Matthew Chandlen, 20, are training with Brad at PEC for the upcoming Tough Mudder team challenge triathlon. They say Brad pushes them to the limits without causing injury. Cline adds that there is no better workout than in PEC. In addition to the rigorous workouts and tough training, Brad genuinely cares about his clients and makes a point to get to know them. “It’s not like when the session is over and Brad’s not getting paid anymore, that he moves on, he checks in and wishes us luck before the season, he builds a relationship with us,” Aeh added. Aeh’s mom, Christy explained that Brad has been a positive influence and role model in Joey’s life during these formative years. She says the PEC program has helped Joey in sports and Brad has made a point to get to know the kids. Christy hopes that the training at PEC with Brad will help Joey get a college scholarship. For more information about the SOMC Performance Enhancement Center, please call 740-356-7572 or stop by the SOMC Portsmouth LIFE Center, 1202 18th St.


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