SOMC Rehab Services can offer relief for chronic pain and discomfortPosted on July 16, 2012

For years, Connie Pickelsimer suffered from pain in her shoulders, neck and feet. At least once a week, she would experience headaches that lasted for hours, as well as neck and head pain so severe it rendered her unable to even read. Although she was skeptical that anything short of surgery would help her, Connie eventually decided to seek help at Southern Ohio Medical Center. “It just got to the point where I was really concerned about myself,” Connie said. “I didn’t know if I was having arthritis problems or what could be wrong with me, so I decided to try physical therapy.” Connie was evaluated by physical therapist Angi Basham, PT/DPT, and diagnosed with right shoulder impingement, cervicalgia, left foot plantar fasciitis and right first ray dysfunction/turf toe. After eight weeks of physical therapy, Connie is amazed by the progress she’s made. Her headaches are no longer an issue and her pain has reduced dramatically. “I didn’t think I could feel this good without having some sort of surgery,” Connie said. Prior to visiting SOMC, Connie said her pain was so severe that, when she would sit in her car, she couldn’t even reach behind her to put her purse in the backseat. Today, not only is reaching into her backseat not a problem but she’s also found herself having more mobility than she even realized was possible. “I didn’t even know I was supposed to be able to turn my neck as far as I can now,” Connie said. While Connie sought a solution to her pain, she knows that many others simply resign themselves to living their life in discomfort. After ignoring her pain for years before coming to SOMC, Connie said she would advise others to consider physical therapy as well. “Anyone suffering from pain should call SOMC and see what they can do,” Connie said. “There’s no reason to let the pain get worse and worse.” For more information, contact SOMC Rehabilitation Services at 740-356-7438.
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