SOMC’s New Portable X-ray Technology Saves TimePosted on April 26, 2007

SOMC Radiologic Technologists Josh Drake, Angie Willis and Christina O’Rourke

Patients in need of x-rays at Southern Ohio Medical Center will now benefit from quicker, more precise imaging thanks to the hospital’s new Digital Radiographic Mobile X-ray System.

“The new DR Mobile acquires an image via an attached detector screen right at the patient’s bedside,” Howard Stewart, administrator of the Radiography Information System and manager of PACS, said.

“The image is viewable on the new system immediately upon completion of the exposure, which can be a real time saver when dealing with many of the urgent cases we see in the ER and ICU.”

In the past, technologists have hand-carried cassettes back and forth from patient rooms to the Radiology Department in order to process and review x-ray images. But because of the DR Mobile’s maneuverability and special Flat Panel Detector used to take on-the-spot images, technologists are now able to take and view x-rays in any patient’s room in mere seconds.

Stewart says the machine’s sharp, high-resolution images can be output to any image server or laser printer. The system’s wireless networking capabilities also enable technologists to transmit images to multiple locations or physicians at a time, granting much easier patient access to all medical staff.

“The machine is going to be extremely helpful in getting our patients what they need in the shortest amount of time possible,” Stewart said. “We always have their best interest in mind and this new machine is definitely going to deliver them the quickest and best results.”

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