SOMC’s Warrick Honored by Lifeline of OhioPosted on 04/12/2019

April is known as National Organ Donor Awareness Month. 

SOMC works with Lifeline of Ohio to help give those in need the “gift of life” through organ donations. 

Malissa Warrick, SOMC Nurse Manager of the Orthopedic Care Unit, serves as the liaison between SOMC and Lifeline of Ohio. Recently, she earned the honor of being named Liaison of the Year from Lifeline of Ohio Organ Procurement (LOOP).

“This is a great honor,” Valerie Decamp, SOMC Director of Nursing Inpatient Services said. “She has been doing this for SOMC for 19 years and has been a silent hero.”

As the liaison, Malissa reviews records on a monthly basis to ensure SOMC is following the guidelines of reporting every patient death to Lifeline of Ohio. She also follows up with them whenever necessary.

Valerie Decamp said Malissa takes calls day and night concerning organ donations. Malissa also serves as the contact in the case where there is a patient in critical condition who is a registered organ donor. In these situations, Lifeline of Ohio makes a campus site visit and Malissa assists their team. 

In the past six months at SOMC, four registered organ donors gave the gift of life to numerous patients in need. 

“It is rewarding to know that our organization can be involved in helping someone who may be in their final hours of life,” she said.  

According to Lifeline of Ohio:

>> “The national waiting list for organ transplants is rising at an alarming rate, with nearly 115,000 individuals currently on the list.”

>> “Approximately 20 times each day a man, woman or child dies for lack of an available organ. Once every 48 hours, an Ohioan dies waiting.”

>> “In Ohio in 2017, 412 Ohioans shared the Gift of Life through organ donation at the time of their death. Through their unselfish generosity, 1,274 organs were transplanted.”

“[Registering to be an organ donor] is an amazing thing to do. There are many people dying each day that are waiting on an organ or tissues transplant,” Malissa said. “I feel like the last thing we could do would be to give the gift of life.”

According to Lifeline of Ohio statistics, “A single donor can potentially save the lives of eight people and heal more than 50 by donating vital organs (heart, two lungs, two kidneys, liver, pancreas and small bowel) and tissue (corneas, bone, fascia, skin, veins and heart valves).”

On April 17, Lifeline of Ohio will be honoring those gracious donors and their families by displaying a donor quilt in SOMC’s ED/Waller Corridor. These blocks were made by the donor families in memory of their loved ones. The beautiful memory quilt can be observed in the corridor through April 23. 

We honor the lives of those who have passed and kindly given the gift of life to those in need. We celebrate those who are thriving today from this gift. A special congratulations to Malissa on her well-deserved award! Thank you for your dedication towards this worthwhile project. 

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