Swim Club, SOMC encourage kids to get in poolPosted on August 17, 2015

We are approaching the final month of summer, but there’s still plenty of time for your children to get in the pool.

The Spartan Swim Club is holding tryouts on Saturday, August 29 from 5:00-8:00 p.m. The tryouts will take place at 1990 Chariot Way in Portsmouth. Swimmers will be divided into three groups: Spartan, Hoplite and Agoge. Groupings are based primarily on level of stroke skill, technique and swimming endurance.

If your child doesn’t know how to swim or needs to improve their technique, Southern Ohio Medical Center offers swimming lessons that can make the difference. The classes cater to children of various ages.

SOMC offers a Water Enrichment course for children ages one to three, which allow parents to get into the water with their child.

Children three to four, who have completed Water Enrichment, can sign up for Aqua Tots. Then, children from four to twelve can sign up for a series of beginner courses called Beginners, Beginner | Advanced and Beginner II.

Finally, there is an Aqua Kidz course for children five to thirteen. Children older than thirteen, meanwhile, can sign up for private lessons.

For more information about the Spartan Swim Club, email

For more information about swimming lessons at SOMC, call 740-356-7563.

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