Three-sport athlete achieves peak performance with CrossFitPosted on January 30, 2017

Luke Purdy is a three-sport athlete who competes in football, tennis and swimming. It wasn’t until February 2015, however, that he felt like he began to hit his real potential.

That’s because that is when he began CrossFit.

“CrossFit is unlike traditional strength and conditioning programs,” Purdy said. “It is unpredictable, interesting and never gets old. It has not only made me physically fit, but has peaked my performance within the sports I play.”

CrossFit is a high-intensity exercise regimen that incorporates elements of Olympic weightlifting, powerlifting, gymnastics and more. It is practiced locally at the CrossFit Alpha Pack’s “den,” located at 1202 18th Street in Portsmouth, adjacent to the SOMC Friends Center.

Purdy credits his experience with CrossFit with his improved performance in competitive sports, saying that it helped him gain 20 pounds without sacrificing speed or agility.

“The atmosphere there is absolutely motivating,” Purdy said. “You never know what the ‘workout of the day’ is going to be and you find yourself becoming addicted to the results. It is challenging, but still something anyone can do, regardless of fitness level, because each workout can be scaled to your individual needs.”

Purdy recommends CrossFit for anyone who has an interest in the program, calling it a life-changing experience that is well worth any soreness that may result.

To learn more about CrossFit, and how you can participate locally, visit or call 740-356-7650.

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