Pediatric Services

Pediatric care at SOMC is provided in the Emergency Department by competent clinical staff. Our vision is single-mindedly focused on the needs of children and their families. Our staff members are trained in pediatrics, all of our equipment is sized for kids, the care is built around children's and families' needs, and even our facilities are designed with children in mind.

General Information

The following may help to make your child's hospital stay less stressful:


We encourage you and your child to ask whenever you need more information. If you need an interpreter to help you understand, please don't hesitate to ask.

Be honest and sensitive.

Accept the fact that you may not be able to answer all your child's or family's questions. Feel free to ask questions or write them down.

Listen and talk.

Listen to your child. Give your child permission to ask questions, to cry and to talk about feelings. Let your child know it is okay to be afraid and say if something hurts.

Share your feelings too.

Keep your child and family members up to date about what is happening. They may feel less fearful knowing what to expect. If you need help, ask a member of your healthcare team.


Being sick is scary especially when you can't hold or comfort your child. Check with the nurse to find out what you can do to comfort him or her. And remember that you, your other children and family members may need comforting also.

Maintain as normal a routine as possible.

Bring in a favorite toy, game, stuffed animal, photograph, or book. When out of your child's room, leave a sweater or other personal item. It tells your child that you are not far away. Be sure to explain to your child when you leave the room or leave the hospital. This way he or she learns to trust what you say.

Other thoughts to share with your child and family:

What to Bring to the Hospital

Some favorite belongings will help your child feel more comfortable and less afraid in the hospital.

Things to bring:

Do not bring (or allow family or friends to bring):