How do I prepare?

Nothing to eat or drink 4 hours before your test. Make sure to bring someone with you that can drive you home afterwards.

What will my exam be like?

You will be instructed to change into a gown. This is to remove all metal from the area of interest. This also will protect your clothes from getting stained. The technologist will greet you and ask a few questions about your identity and the reason you are being tested. If you are allergic to iodine, please let your technologist know at this time. The radiologist will come in and explain the procedure and answer any questions you might have. The technologist will have you lie on your back and will prep the area of injection. The radiologist will use fluoroscopy (Moving x-rays with a TV monitor) to find the correct positioning for needle placement into the joint space.

Once in position, the physician will inject the appropriate contrast into the joint space, you will then be escorted to CT or MRI to complete your exam. Once your exams are read by our radiologists, it usually takes two to three business days for your doctor to get a copy of your report.

What do I do after the exam?

Watch around your injection site for redness or swelling. Keep it covered until you get home. Also watch for allergy type symptoms. Should they occur, please contact your doctor or call us at 356-8117.