Industrial Rehabilitation

Our Industrial Rehab program can assist those persons who have suffered an injury or illness that is affecting their ability to work. Any person with physical symptoms and limitations that are affecting their work performance may be placed into this program. The therapy staff can then work with the doctor and employer to help address the work site needs in addition to management of the person's specific diagnosis.


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Programs & Services

Work Reintegration

With the program, we work with the physician, injured employee and the company to identify safe work tasks that place the injured employee at the highest level of productivity within his/her physical limitations. We will meet with the worker and their employer at the work site to evaluate the job duties and tasks that best match with the employee’s physical capabilities. A progression of work duties is developed into a TRTW plan that is reviewed and signed by the employee, employer, and the doctor. This team approach ensures that all team members are in agreement as to what is the best care for the injured employee. By closely monitoring the worker’s progress we can address issues quickly and recommend modification to the TRTW plan accordingly.


SOMC Rehab provides ergonomic consultation that not only can help with an injured employee returning to the work site, but it can help address high risk tasks or jobs that pose risk for other employees. If a problem is identified, options for removal of that risk factor are presented to the employer.

On Site Employee/Employer Education

To help educate employers and employees about the importance of work safety and to reduce injuries, we offer a variety of education sessions that can be provided at the work site. Topics include, but are not limited to: