LifeSpine LowerSpine Program

Degenerative disc disease, sports or work injury, poor posture, lack of physical activity, whatever the cause, 80 percent of Americans will experience pain in the lower spine some time in their lives, making even the simplest task a challenge. The LowerSpine Program is designed to bring each person suffering from lower back problems to his or her maximum level of physical activity and function, with minimum pain.


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Comprehensive approach

No two people respond exactly the same to a particular therapy technique. Therefore, the approach of the LowerSpine Program is comprehensive, incorporating a broad range of evaluation and customized treatment methods that are supported by scientific research and data.

Evaluation by experienced therapists

The process of creating a better quality of life for the person experiencing lower back problems begins with an evaluation. Participants in the LowerSpine Program are evaluated by trained and experienced physical therapists that address individual functional deficits. Using objective, reliable tests, they assess problems with movement, stability and overall strength and flexibility.

Customized treatment

The LowerSpine Program is customized to meet each person's specific needs and goals. Treatment options may include:

Education for care of the spine

Often, people with lower back problems develop movement patterns that chronically irritate their condition. Through education on ways to perform daily activities without straining the lower back, and with specific instruction in safe exercises to perform at home, the LowerSpine Program provides people with important information they can use to care for their spine.

Goals for each person

The goals of the LowerSpine Program are simple, but life changing:

Ensuring positive results

To ensure the success of the LowerSpine Program, each individual's functional progress is measured and monitored and is shared with him or her upon completion of the program.